The time you spend promoting different affiliate marketing programs is about the same if you go for the high paying top affiliate programs or the ones with low commissions. Usually the level of competition is much higher if you promote the “30 dollar affiliate program” you find on Click Bank, Commission Junction etc. If you have been struggling to make a few sales that only generated a small amount of money, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth your time! On this site, you will only find the best affiliate programs featuring big ticket offers to promote with commissions of more than 100 dollars and all the way up to thousands of dollars per sale or programs with a recurring bill that makes these top affiliate programs very profitable in other ways.

As a bonus on this page (the homepage) you’ll also find my epic guide on how to set up your affiliate site, covering everything from doing a proper keyword research, site structure and finally rank it in the search engines and improve your conversion rates. This guide will include all the basic stuff + great tips and hacks that you probably don’t know about...

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The Complete Guide to Setting up a Niche Site Based on High Ticket Affiliate Programs, Get Top Rankings and Best Possible Conversion Rates.


Do you find it hard to make money with affiliate programs?

-In that case, you’ll soon discover why you are in the right place at the right time…

Online marketers that have been in the game for a while now probably remember the ”good ol’ days” when affiliate marketing was as easy as setting up a Google adwords campaign with your affiliate link and get those highly targeted clicks for dirt cheap. The ROI’s were so high that you didn’t even have to build an email list in order to make huge profits.
Although this method still works in some cases, you’ll have a hard time succeeding because of one big many other people started doing the exact same thing and, as a result, the market got saturated and the cost per clicks would soon skyrocket.
You may think: that’s not my problem because I’m not doing PPC ads with direct linking at all!
high competition directory imageUnfortunately, this is not a trend in affiliate marketing limited to only PPC advertising. The same goes for SEO, video marketing, Facebook marketing etc. You may still benenfit from cheap facebook traffic but already now you’ll see that those clicks are getting more expensive and soon they will end up like Google adwords (to expensive for the average Joe).

No matter what promotional method you choose to profit from affiliate programs you will experience the problem of ever growing competition in affiliate marketing.

The dream of economic freedom and passive income is very tempting and that’s the reason why so many affiliate marketers are promoting ”make money online” training programs, even marketers that haven’t made a single dime online promote these products!
You probably already know the result of this. The competition in affiliate marketing will continue growing in the future and that is why it’s time to make a smart decision!

Instead of promoting the clickbank products in the ”weigh loss” or ”making money online” highly competitive niches, pick a high ticket affiliate program on this site and build a niche site around that topic and get it ranked in the search engines.

Why SEO is the best strategy for promoting these top affiliate programs?

Selling a high ticket offer worth $1,000 is a bit harder than selling a $10 product, but it’s definitely not a hundred times more difficult! However you need to make an effort to convince your prospects before they buy a $1,000 product from you unless they are already searching for that product or the solution to their specific problem, which is the reason why SEO will always be the best traffic you can get, plus it’s (almost) FREE!

Another reason why high ticket affiliate programs and SEO is such a great match is that SEO is heading towards a game of long tail keywords (which are easier to rank for) and these type of affiliate programs have the ability to make huge profits with only a few conversions.

In other words, you don’t have to rank #1 for ”car rental.” In fact a good ”buyer keyword” like ”luxuary car rental in Las Vegas” that only generates a few conversions on a big ticket product each month has the potential to pull in huge profits.

A lot of people think that SEO is dead because of all the updates that are making it really hard for SEO’s to game the search engines.

top ticket 2015 logo

CloseHighImage copy

free PDF 2014-2015 image

In reality this is a great opportunity for people with less experience in SEO because, in many cases, all it takes to rank for these low competition long tail keywords is good content and proper onpage SEO + a few quality backlinks.

Now let’s get into the whole proccess of building your affiliate niche site.


Part 1: Choosing your niche

Obviously this is the most important decicion you’ll have to make throughout the proccess.
Things to consider:

1. How competetive is the niche?

Are all the SERPS dominated by big old authority sites? Are there any websites in the top 10 results that doesn’t have a ton of content and quality backlinks (download the free MozBar for Firefox or Chrome) Another great free tool for this is Market Samurai, which offers a free trial. Market Samurai lets you compare metrics such as MOZ’s Page Authority and Page Authority, Majestics Citation Flow and Trust Flow, domain age, dmoz listing for all websites ranking top 10 in the SERPs for the keyword you are researching.

2. Competition vs profits

How many sales per month do you need to cover your cost of content creation, backlinks, webdesign etc. If you choose a niche that has some high converting big ticket affiliate program offers, then you’ll not need to rank for high competition keywords with thousands of monthly searches to make huge profits.

My best advice is to let go of the need of ranking for high volume keywords and focus on the low hanging fruit best low hanging fruit partner programthat will make you money much faster and easier or at least wait a few months and then see if you can rank for these high competition keywords once your site has gained some authority, rankings and has traffic coming in. Another reason why you should not try targeting high volume keywords from the beginning is the Google sandbox period, whichis usually much shorter for long tail keywords.

If you are completely new to keyword research, what you want to be looking for is buyer keywords with low competition. Example. When people are searching for something like “web hosting,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are about to purchase a web hosting plan, opposite to searches like “best web hosting” or “Blue Host review” that indicates that the person is ready to make a purchase.

Best keyword planning tools on the market:


SE Cockpit (30 day FREE trial)

Long Tail Pro (or hire someone to do the research for you for $5)

Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher is probably the most interesting keyword tool because It allows you to have a dataset far bigger than the Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords that no-one else is researching because the research done by most marketers is limited by the maximum of 800 keywords shown by the Google adwords keyword planning tool. Once you get your big keyword list including thousands of keywords from “Keyword Snatcher “ you can then upload that list to the Google Keyword planning tool to see the exact search volume for each keyword.


Part 2: Buying Your domains, add content and wait!

A few years ago the best strategy would be to purchase the exact match domain in order to target a specific keyword. Let’s say that I wanted to go for the keyword phrase “ best online poker training course.” In that case, the best option would be to get a domain name like “”. After the Google exact match domain update in 2012, that might not be a good idea. You’ll risk getting penalized if linking too much with your brand name, which in this case is your main keyword. Besides, nowadays it’s much easier to rank sub pages for a keyword like that. Here’s an example of what would be a much better solution: ""

Now that you know that EMD’s are not the future of SEO this will open a new door that will kickstart your rankings. If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m talking about picking up an expired domain with existing backlinks that used to be a real website. In that way you will already have a natural backlink profile with lots of “brand anchor text” which Google loves and all that link juice will start flowing to the other pages of your site that you want to rank. As a bonus, you’ll probably also receive traffic from these backlinks if they are natural (not build by an SEO).

There are a few ways to get an expired domain with a good backlink profile.

a) Do it yourself using a scrapping tool like Source Revive or do it manually. Here’s a free method:

b) Pay an expert to find it for you. Source Wave Market is a great place to find these types of sellers. Here’s my favourite seller (much cheaper than the other guys and always delivering top quality). Just like the method shown by Neil Patel, most sellers on Source Market are selling domains for PBN’s (Private Blog Networks), but as long as the domains have a clean backlink profile and the right type of brand name they’ll be perfect for building a new money site. You might want to buy 5-10 niche relevant expired domains, pick the one with the best metrics and brand name and use the rest of them to build your own niche relevant private blog network which we’ll get back to later.

c) Buying a website on Flippa (your best option if you have the money to invest). The online marketing deals for bloggers image 3.2reason why I think this is the best option is because you know what you are getting in terms of rankings, traffic, content design etc. You will immediately have an established website with age and authority and even more important, you’ll avoid the waiting period AKA the Google sandbox which all new sites will go through.

The next thing you want to do is to register the domains (your money site and PBN’s). It’s is important that you register you’re the domains with different hosting providers and different whois information (use the "Fake Name Generator") Another option would be to buy “private whois” for each domain, but your BPN’s would then be less valuable in the eyes of the search engines or you can mix it up.

Once you have registered the domains, you want to upload content immediately and get it indexed using a service like Onehourindexing or pay someone to do it for you.

In 2014, Google released a new sandbox that prevent new sites to rank on page one for at least 30 days. This sandbox is not like the old Google sandbox that is a penalty for directory logobuilding too many links too fast to a new site. This new sandbox is probably Googles atempt to frustrate SEO’s because of the waiting period. This 30 days sandbox applies to new sites, new pages on a site and also the backlinks build on new pages, which is the reason why I suggest you upload content on your money site and PBN’s immediately. You can even use spun content on those pages until you replace it with the real content.
Once this is done, you can start developing your site, decide which type of silo/structure you prefer (watch video below), write content, change design etc. It is recommended to wait a few weeks before starting your linkbuilding campaign or wait till you have around 10 pages of content in order to make it look more natural.

To make your site look trustworthy in the eyes of search engines and people don’t forget to add a contact page, an “about page”, a privacy policy page and you should NOT register the domain of your money site with private whois information. Also make sure that you are linking out to a few authority sites in your niche that aren’t competing with you directly.


Part 4: Link building Phase 1

best online affiliate opportunities links

There are more than 200 factors that Google takes into account when ranking your site. In 2015 the most important off-page SEO factor is still backlinks. At least until you hit page one, then another factor gets very important which we’ll cover later on in this post. Google admits that backlinks is still the best factor to base their rankings upon and that this probably won’t change in the coming years. Obviously Google knows about how SEO’s are building backlinks to manipulate the SERPs and as a result their algorithm has become much more sophisticated and better at detecting what is “natural”; therefore, building links is NOT risk free!
Opposite to building an authority site with weekly updated top quality content that people would naturally link to, you can’t expect that to happen to a small affiliate niche site.
Before starting your link building campaign there are a few measures you need to take in order to stay below the radar.

Nothing comes from nothing!

The search engines knows very well how links are build naturally. If the site has no traffic at all, how likely is it to get a lot of backlinks. What this means is that you’ll have to drive traffic to your site while building the first links or to fake the traffic. Here are a few ideas to get traffic:

a) Buy expired domain traffic (Fiverr gigs)

b) Paid traffic like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads ect.

c) Pay other site owners in your niche to place a banner on their site.

d) Generate high target traffic immediately using BuzzBundle (has a 30 days free trial)

e) Use a traffic exchange service like Pandabot.

The Pandabot network offers a free subscription plan that will get you 50% in return when your browser automatically visits other members websites. Setting up the Pandabot can be a bit complicated and unfortunately the browser is not very stabile and only works on a PC. The only good alternative right now is which will cost you money, but then you don’t have to let your computer keep browsing websites all the time; you simply pay for the credits you spend. In the beginning you just set the tool to visit your url directly or by searching google for your brand name.

In chapter 6, we will get back to how to use these two tools to super charge your website rankings and youtube videos.

The next 3 steps will also drive traffic and should definitely be part of the initial phase of your linkbuilding plan.

1) Build social media properties like a Facebook fanpage, a TwitterProfile a Google+ account, all linking to your website just like real businesses would do.Get social signals

2) Just like incoming traffic makes new baclinks look more natural you will also need social signals to justify the backlinks that you are soon going to build. There are many social signal providers out there link Drip Revolution, Onlywire, SyndWire, SocialAdr etc. The one that I prefer is Socisynd which is priced much lower that other providers and has much more features like downloading articles and set up spintax or upload your own articles, create vote campaigns (facebook likes, google+1’s and a bit of organic google keyword search traffic).

3) The next thing you want to do before beginning your backlink campaign is to find a    quality press release distribution. There has been a lot of debate on whether the best marketing opportunities image-4backlinks you’ll get from press releases still have any SEO value. If that was the case you would still get lots of traffic from these high authority sites and you would get a lot of url/brand anchor text in your backlink profile to avoid any future Google penguin penalties.

I have no recipy for doing this myself, this is one of the things that I like to outsource. Don’t worry about the duplicate content issue, Google knows that this is something new businesses do. You don’t want to use keyword anchor text in your press release, instead just link with your url and brand name.

Continue reading below...


Top Affiliate Programs | Directory of best paying affiliate programs




 Part 4: Link building Phase 2

As I mentioned earlier building backlinks is risky if you are not being careful, especially when it comes to new sites without authority and big diversified backlink profiles.

3 important things to keep in mind:

  1. Link velocity
  2. Stay away from spam
  3. Anchor text ratios

By link velocity I mean at what speed you are building your backlinks. In the beginning just build 1-3 links per week and then later when your site gets more traffic you can gradually increase the amount of links per week. Don’t go to and buy 10,000 links for $5; that will just put you in the Sandbox immediately and you’ll probably never get out of it again!

Avoid spammy links like blog comments with keyword anchor text, SAPE links and all types of automated linkbuilding tools unless you really know what you are doing. The only type of mass linkbuilding you should be doing is social media links like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Google treats these types of links differently because sharing and linking to websites from these platforms is what people naturally do all the time.

Anchor text ratio is something that you really should care about if you don’t want to get penalized. When Google released the Penguin update back in 2012 that totally changed penguin markekting best image-5the way we build links. Google knows that 80% of the links pointed at a website will not have anchor text like “cheap car insurance”. Today you should at least keep your exact match anchor text below 5% to be safe. What this means is that you want to reserve this exact match anchor text spot for your highest quality links, which is probably your homepage PBN links placed in highly relevant content.

As a rule of thumb, don’t repeat the anchor text of the keywords that you want to rank for.

If you want to rank for “cheap car insurance” (which is a really bad idea!) you want to link with synonyms like:

“cheapest car insurance”

“affordable car insurance”

“lowest price car insurance”

and add longtail variations like “where to get the cheapest car insurance in Texas.” You also want anchor text including keywords + your url like in this example “visit to read more about the cheapest car insurance on the market”.

In order to keep your keyword anchor text ratios low you’ll need to build a lot of the so-called “pillow link” which are less expensive/lower quality links that are only build with the purpose of diluting your anchor text ratios. For that job, Socisynd is a cheap and safe way to do that.

In reality there’s no ideal anchor text ratio to go for. It all depends on the niche. A great idea is to check your competitors backlink profile with to see what’s working in your niche.

If you have no idea of what’s working in your niche, you want to go for something like this:

Brand Anchors 50%

Naked Links (your website url) 25%

Generic Anchors 20%

Partial Match Anchors (variations of your main keywords) 4%

Exact Match Anchors 1%

Another good rule of thumb is to have at least 20% of your backlinks not going to your homepage. Case studies show that websites with that ratio perform better than websites with all the links going to the homepage.


The SEO landscape is constantly changing. Strategies like link farms, ezine articles, profile links and blog comments that used to be really powerful stuff will probably not get you the results you want in 2015. What we can learn from that is that it’s good to have a diverse backlink profile that includes many different types of links so that you are less vulnerable when the search engines are changing the rules. However, for now we will be focusing on the most effective strategies for 2015.

So what are the Internet’s most powerful backlinks?

That would probably be a contextual link placed in highly relevant content on the homepage of a site that is related to your niche with lots of link juice, authority and trust. A link like that is very hard to get unless you create that site your self, AKA building your own private blog network. Im not talking about buying links from low quality multiple topic PBN’s but instead build your own PBN themed around your niche. In that way you’ll have complete control over these very powerful backlinks. In the first chapter we went through how to find these expired domains with backlinks. In this video you’ll learn how to set up the PBN in a safe way, what pages, plugins to include, how to link to your site etc.

Here's how to do it in a less safe way if you're on a low budget:

If you are overwhelmed by all this information or you think this is to complicated or includes too much work, you actually have two more options which are renting links from sellers on forums like Wicked Fire, Warrior forum or simply pay an expert like Jon to set it up for you, host it and keep the sites updated.

At the moment, PBN links are the best way to rank for anything; however, there are other types of links you would like to have in your link profile.

  1. Guest posts

No matter what people are saying, Guest Posts still works as a SEO strategy. They are usually not as powerful as PBN links but will give you a good amount of linkjuice and traffic from established sites. Just make a search for “guest post + your niche” as see what opportunities that pops up or you can outsource the entire process. I have seen seller on Wicked Fire selling these posts/links as cheap as $15 per guest post.

  1. Wikipedia link

We are always being told that nofollow links won’t do anything for your rankings. In fact, wikipedia affiliate site linksnofollow links is a vote for your site just like a followed link, a Facebook share or a brand/url mention would be. Of course a nofollow link won’t pass much page rank/link juice, unless the link comes from the #1 trusted website in the world, Wikipedia! A wikipedia link will have a great impact on your sites rankings since this site is moderated. You can try doing it yourself using this guide and hope it will stick or pay someone with an aged wikipedia account to place it for you with money back guarantee.

  1. Web 2.0’s and tiered link building

Even though they are not as powerful as they used to be, the search engines still love these platforms and they would be a natural part of a backlink profile. The problem with web 2.0’s is that although they are links from powerful trusted domains the pages where your content is placed doesn’t have any backlinks pointed to them. What you’ll do is to build backlinks to your web 2.0 pages. Since these are trusted domains with high authority and millions of backlinks you’ll be able to send more spammy types of links to these “buffer sites” to boost them with tiered link building. For this job you can buy these low quality Fiverr gigs that you would never point at your money site or purchase a quality tiered linkbuilding package that includes logins to all tier one links.

Another thing you can do is to buy a list of expired tumblr blogs that already have backlinks for $5, register them and add your content and links to them.

  1. Fiverr Gigs:

fiverr gigs for affiliate marketers

I admit this sounds like risky business that will get your site penalized! The big question is what type of Fiverr link packages are safe and will actually do something good for your rankings?

  • Contextual links from niche specific sites

- Yes – you can actually get links from real sites for $5. Make sure to ask for the url before purchasing the gig and check the site with Most of the sites there are low quality but sometimes you’ll find real gold.

  • Edu nofollow links

According to Google itself, nofollow links can never hurt you unless you are a “big time evil spammer”. Buying a package of 50 or 100 nofollow edu links is safe and can give you a little boost because these sites are trusted by Google (but not anything near the effect of a wikipedia link). These link packages are also excellent for building “pillow links”.

  • Contextual dofollow edu and gov links

Again, these are highly trusted sites. A few sellers will create 3-5 of these links for $5.


Part 6: The Big Audition

You have now build your niche site with the goal to promote affiliate programs with high commissions, added at least 10 pages of 500 words with helpful quality content, build all the backlinks and social signals to rank on first page of Google and waited 1-3 months for it to happen (or more than 3 month if it's a competitive niche).

What’s going to happen now is that your site will go through an audition. Google will now test your site to see if it really deserves to be ranked on page one. The way they test that is via user metrics such as “CTR” (click through rate), bounce rate = if the visitor leaves your site immediately (this suggests that the user finds your website less relevant) and “dwell time”. CTR = how often do the search engine users click on your site in the search results instead of your competitors. Dwell time = how long they stay on your site and how many internal pages they visit after entering via the search results. In this video you will learn great tricks on how to make your visitors stay on your site longer and how to improve your CTR.

Once you have implemented these free methods you might want to give your site and extra push. This is where Pandabot or which we talked about earlier comes into play. What these tools do, is manipulate CTR and dwell time by searching for your chosen keywords, go to your site via the search results and browse around on your site for as long as you choose.

The great thing about both products is that they are not based on bots which are easy to detect by the search engines but are networks of real users browsing each others websites or videos, which makes it copletely safe. As a bonus both products can give you social signals as well.

If Youtube videos are part of your marketing strategy as well you’ll experience even greater results with this method (much more effective than views, likes, backlinks etc). In the next video you’ll learn how to take to the next level.

Another way to reduce your bounce rate is by installing the “Zero Bounce” wordpress plugin, which will prevent users from hitting the “go back button” in their browser. A big bonus is that all the traffic that would leak out from your website can be send to an offer, a squeeze page or whatever you choose.


Part: 7: The Fun Part (Sales/Conversions)

Now that you have ranked your site on page one of Google (and Bing, Yahoo etc) and you have made sure that it will stay there by continuing adding social signals, backlinks and manipulating user metrics, you want to make as many sales as possible.

Let’s say that you want to double your sales. You now have two options which are either to double the traffic to your site (which is hard!) or improve your conversion rate by 50%, which is easy if you are not already implementing these things:


About 70% of your website visitors will only visit your site once and never return again. On top partner programs for blogsaverage, a customer will need to be exposed to your brand/product 7 times before making a purchase. This is why email marketing is a must! All you need is bait (a free offer as exchange for an email address), a reliable auto responder (GetResponce, Aweber etc.) and a mix of relation building emails and promotional emails queued up. An even better solution is to let your subscribers opt-in for a “10 days email course”. In this way your subscribers will get used to opening your emails because they know that you are providing value. GetResponse will provide all the necessary training in case you have no experience with email marketing.


Popups can really be annoing but they are really effective. They can increase your conversions a lot no matter if you are using them for email opt-ins or direct sales. With a plugin like “Optin Revolution” you can set the popups to load after a certain amount of time or when the cursor leaves the browser window. In case your visitors didn’t opt-in for your email list via the form on your site, pop-ups can easily improve that op-in rate by 300-500%!


There are many reasons why you should cloak your affiliate links.

a) Affiliate thieves

Scammers can install a cookie on browsers so that they’ll get the commissions instead of you.

b) Google doesn’t like websites/webpages with too many affiliate links, lets’s hide them!

c) The most important reason for cloaking your affiliate links is that you can increase your conversion rates dramatically. When people see a URL like this one "" they’ll get suspicious. They’ll probably think that someone is making money by referring them (which is true!) or they are afraid of malware, hackers etc.

Most marketers are using a free plugin like “pretty link” which will result in a url like in this example: "" which is an ok option. If you want “real” link cloaking like this example: "" you’ll need the plugin “Ghost URL” which I think is the only plugin that does that (Please correct me if I’m wrong about this!).


Always check if the affiliate program is offering any coupons.

Let’s say you are offering a 20% discount if the website visitor is buying via your affiliate best free online marketinglink or utilizing your promo code. Naturally, there’ll be 20% less money to split between the product owner and the affiliate, which is not such a big deal, but try to think about this from the buyers perspective. If the customer can save 20% just by clicking your link, there’s no way that they’ll go to your competitor!


You may think it’s stupid to pay for traffic if you are building a SEO site. Of course the idea high prices item affiliate remarketingof doing SEO is to get free traffic. Like mentioned earlier in this article, about 70% of your visitors will leave your site without ever coming back. Unfortunately in most cases your customer will need to be presented to your offer multiple times before they make a purchase.

In case they didn’t opt-in for your email follow up messages, this is a really cheap way to keep marketing to these people. A lot of marketers report that adding a retargeting pixel on your website will on average double your earnings from that site.

Usually when people leave your site they will visit the website of your competitor, click on an affiliate link on that site and, as a result, your competitor gets that commission instead of you!! That’s why retargeting is so powerful!


Part 8: Conclusion

Despite that gaming the search engines is getting harder all the time, SEO will always be the highest quality and most targeted traffic that you can ever get. In fact, if your site has high quality content that is helpful and the site is delivering a good user experience, you may be able to compete with companies and website owners with much bigger SEO budgets. By building your site around affiliate programs with high commissions, you’ll be able to make huge profits by ranking for low-competition long-tail keywords that will give you the few conversions each month you’ll need to make a living from online marketing.

I hope you found this guide useful and I wish you all the best in succeeding with high ticket affiliate marketing. If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



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  1. I have been dealing with the affiliate world for about 10 years now. From what I know, this is a great post and has some very good tips in it. However, the issue I always have is how much affiliate programs change and even how Google can really change things for you. As long as you can adapt QUICKLY, you should be in good shape, but I feel that is when some people drop off the game.

  2. I think you are doing a great service here by outlining a guide like this. When I first got started, there was so much work to do and money that needed to be spent, that I got off on the wrong foot.

    Since then, I have learned a lot and guides like this are a GREAT place to start! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I cannot get around the fact that Google controls so much of the traffic AND how much of that traffic goes to whichever site based on a whack aglo that most of us cannot figure before it is too late.

    Is my Best Sugar Substitute site actually not going to get traffic from Google because it is an EMD, but what if the information is useful to people? Articles are posted, ads to a minimum, what’s the problem with that?

  4. I used to think that SEO was a huge part of getting your affiliate numbers up, but with Google switching things up all of the time, do you think it is worth the time to put into keeping up with SEO?

  5. I have been paying for impressions on other’s sites for many years. It does work great, however, you do need to hit up the research a little to make sure that the site has some authority. ALSO, make sure you know how much traffic comes from social media. These numbers are easy to get by just asking the site owner.

  6. I see that you mention the Pandabot software. I was going to check that out and install it, but I really wanted to read more about it. The system seems good to go and a few of the reviews I read are promising, but does it stay up to date with search algo’s? I might have missed that.

    • Hey Trevor,

      Yes, Pandabot works really well at the moment and it’s completely safe because searches are done by real ip addresses and NO bots and proxies.
      It’s not as user friendly and easy to set up as but if you are looking for larger amounts of search traffic Pandabot gives you the option to multiply that traffic by adding more PC’s to the network.

  7. I have been using SEO and EMD for a few years now. The kicker with this and even though the Google algo changes, is keeping up with content that is shareable. It does not work for everyone and I understand that, but it works for me and my affiliate programs have been paying out nicely each month 🙂

  8. I like using traffic exchanges. For sites that have low authority it is a great way to get some traffic and keep the site “looking” fresh to other visitors.

  9. Wow. I have been trying to learn what I can about the affiliate marketing game, but have only been searching for a few months. I must say that this post has been one of the MOST helpful at this point.

    Great work and thank you for sharing these tips, etc!

  10. Have you ever used an affiliate program and then purchased ad space on a mobile app or anything like that? It seems that would be a good place to get some banners out there for some traffic.

  11. I agree that EMD’s still work, but from my experience it’s now much easier to rank a keyword rich subpage and build some brand achors to the homepage.

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